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Here at PaintBall Skirmish Port Pirie we endeavour to continually improve and expand our fields. Fuel dump is a mirror image like the Speed Ball and Tin Town fields but in many ways not as simple to play. Three hundred and eighty forty four gallon drums make the cover here and because they are stacked on their sides this creates gaps through the middle.


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You really need to be aware of this as it is easy to be taken out whilst feeling relatively secure. Be aware of the angles and your position relative to your opponent as a front on fire fight is just playing the percentages. Like Tin Town it is fairly loud and players will often come out covered with spray from paintballs smashing on the drums. Be prepared to get down and dirty..



Speedball - Bunkers - Tintown - Fuel Dump - Fences

Our booking & info line [08 8633 0577] is open 7days a week 9am to 6pm

Minimum of 10 for a booking. Individuals added to a group if available.