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Minimum Of 10 to Play

BULLDOG - Centre Flag Games
The most popular format for smaller style fields
A single flag is placed at centre field usually visible from team bases. The objective is to gain possession of the flag and place it at your opposition's base. Often it is necessary to eliminate all opposition players to achieve this. Centre flag games are used for 10 player competitions as this format produces fast action packed play and can be played on almost any field. We use it on Speedball, The Fuel Dump and Bunker Fields.


BASE Flag Games
This is the original Forts and Flags game
Each team has a flag at or near their base with the objective being to retrieve your oppositions flag and get it back to your base whilst defending your own flag.      Unlike the Bulldog scenario often the stealth like approach can be effective.


Our most popular scenario game
A player from each team, usually the loudest characters in each group are chosen as team medics. We fit them out with a medics coat so they stand out like you know what. When tagged in this game, rather than go to the elimination zone, players stay on field with their gun in the air calling 'medic'. All the medic has to do is touch you and you're back in the game. The medic has a paintball marker as normal and can tag opposition players. Once the medic has been tagged three times in the vest he or she is eliminated. Many variations of this game can be played on any field.


DOUBLE Crosser
This game is saved as one of the last for the day as it does little for team unity
Using a pack of playing cards one player in each team is chosen to become a traitor. Only he or she knows who this is. I find it adds another dimension to the game as everyone tends to go it alone for fear their partner may be the traitor. The traitor must wait until fired upon and can wait as long as he or she likes to try and set up a situation where they are the most effective. Quite often the traitor will wait too long and either get shot by old team mates or new ones. Any field, with any other scenario.


SHOOT the General
Team captains or would-be Rambo's make good Generals
This game can be played with just one general or one per team. Rather than a flag the General becomes the objective. Shoot the General on the opposing team and you win. Players become bodyguards for their general. If playing with two generals the first out loses. If playing with one, the General must retrieve something (we use the gauntlet) from the field and return it to base unscathed - to win.


As much fun for spectators as it is for players
In this game if you are tagged on an arm or leg you can continue to play but must not use that limb. Head or torso shots are out. Everyone ends up rolling around laughing at the site of their mates trying to drag themselves around with no legs or getting team mates to load a marker for them. Works best on speedball style fields where refs can keep an eye on the antics.


BOUNTY Hunters
Give individuals a chance to prove their ability
Everyone starts with an armband, different colours for each team. When tagged you must give your armband to the player who shot you and return to your base. If you get shot and have no armband to give - you're OUT. If you have multiple armbands when shot you only have to give one and return to base. This game can go on for quite a while so I suggest a time limit.                        


Our booking & info line [08 8633 0577] is open 7days a week 9am to 6pm

Minimum of 10 for a booking. Individuals added to a group if available.