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PaintBall Skirmish Photos (Amenities)

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Whether its lunch or dinner we provide a hearty meal as part of your day. The barbecue offers chicken and beef satays and of course the traditional bangers n burgers. This is complimented with our special scalloped potato bake cooked in the camp oven or salad. The potato bake has bacon, garlic and cracked pepper. Players with particular dietary needs should contact us prior to their day as we attempt to properly cater for everyone.

For overnight campers we can provide a self cook breakfast or your choice at our cost. Alcohol is not provided however players are most welcome to bring their own drinks. A no alcohol policy applies however until the end of play. The main reception area is home base where groups return between games to reload paintballs and refresh themselves with snacks and drinks. You can discuss the days activities and have a laugh, It's all about having fun.
Paintball Skirmish Transporter

The presentation and state of repair of our equipment is something we pride ourselves on. This extends to our vehicles and transporter. We are serious about what we do. Other than the playing equipment the transporter also houses a huge club style barbeque, camp ovens and all other catering necessities.

All our equipment is housed, serviced and maintained in purpose built transporters, designed  to  maximise efficiency and provide the best possible service to our players. The transporter has the capacity to cater for 100 players comfortably with all markers on racks and head gear, protective clothing and the paintballs themselves shelved making the issuing and returning of equipment painless for our players and ourselves. A  range of sports drinks, soft drinks, chips and chocolate bars are available from the snack bar which is also part of this unit.

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Our booking & info line [08 8633 0577] is open 7days a week 9am to 6pm

Minimum of 10 for a booking. Individuals added to a group if available.