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Perhaps the simplest and easiest to play for the uninitiated. This field is built on a surface 80m x 40m with the only cover being truck and machinery tyres and rainwater tanks strategically positioned to create a mirror image end to end and side to side. The layout therefore offers no end advantage, however wind and light factors can play a part at certain times of the day.


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An aggressive style of play is effective here with the defensive players often finding themselves swamped by cross fire from an attacking, moving team. As its name suggests speedball is a fast and exciting game where stalemates are rarely seen.



Speedball - Bunkers - Tintown - Fuel Dump - Fences

Our booking & info line [08 8633 0577] is open 7days a week 9am to 6pm

Minimum of 10 for a booking. Individuals added to a group if available.